gm z (pronounced gems) is a collection of leather products developed by two Dutch-Indonesian sisters Germaine en Titi Tournier. What used to be a small collection for an exclusive group of customers, has now become a beautiful, complete collection of all kinds of leather goods. Germaine & Titi are responsible for the whole process themselves, from design to production. 

Germaine designs the collection and supervises the Indonesian production team. Titi runs the store in the 9 Streets area in Amsterdam and manages the online store. By being in charge of the complete process, they can ensure that their products are manufactured sustainably and under fair working conditions. And because of their perfect teamwork they are always able to adjust the collection to their customers needs.
In the online store you will find the most recent selection and the varying offers and discounts. You're welcome to visit the brick-and-mortar store, Margareth M, at the Oude Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam. The store that is named after their mother, also offers a wide range of accessories besides their own brand; interior accessories, jewelry and so much more. Come and visit the store anytime and see for yourself! Furthermore they keep their fans informed through Instagram. Germaine shares pics on Instagram of her daily life and Titi shares hers of her Amsterdam life on this side of the planet. Follow us on the gram! Margarethmstore